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Department/Specialty/Research Interest

  • JOCH, Markus

    German Literature
    Modern German Literature and Culture Studies

    Literature and culture research develop in tandem with one another. I take this position and apply the social theories of cultural studies and Bourdieu to observe modern and contemporary German literature, with a focus on the relationships between culture, society, and media. I have a particular interest in the pivotal years of 1945 and 1989.

  • WATANABE, Takehiko
    Associate Professor

    Archaeology and Ethnology
    Palaeolithic Archeology, Ancient Japanese History, Public Administration and Protection of Cultural Properties

    The main theme of my research is to clarify the relation with past people and neighboring natural environments through the investigation of the cave and quarry sites. Apart from this, I am interested in Japanese ancient history and public administration and protection of cultural properties.

  • WATANABE, Fukutaro
    Assistant Professor

    Education Studies
    Philosophy of Education, Educational Thought

    My primary interests are in the philosophy of education and the philosophy of language, especially that of Wittgenstein. My current research focuses mainly on the classic and fundamental problem of education concerning the autonomy-heteronomy opposition. I am working on this problem through the consideration of the normative and creative aspects of language use, the linguistic characteristics of educational communication, and the authority and the ethics of the teacher.