The Keio University Faculty of Letters is an institution dedicated to education and research in every area of the humanities and social sciences. We have 17 departments that include philosophy, history, literature, library and information science, and human relations—and two additional courses for the natural sciences and foreign languages. The Faculty of Letters brings these organizations together in the intellectual pursuit of human cultures, societies, and environments around the world in order to find out more fully what it means to be human.

Our faculty is characterized by the diversity and the breadth of its scholarship as our intellectual exploration is not limited to literature as a symbolic product of human culture but extends to the concept of knowledge itself. Our objects of investigation range from philosophical inquiries to evolutionary and historical explorations, theories and technologies of recorded information, scientific investigation of social structures and functions, multidisciplinary approaches to the human mind and behavior as well as the interaction between humans and nature.

Through these explorations, we seek to better understand what lies at the core of the human experience and how it manifests itself in culture, society, and the environment. Put simply, we explore humanity’s very essence. The advent of globalization and digitization has produced an intensely volatile and fluid society, one that reaffirms the growing importance of the Faculty of Letters to understand our place in the world.