The Department of Archaeology and Ethnology requires research that goes beyond book learning. Our collection of archaeological and ethnological objects number in the tens of thousands, including national treasures and important cultural properties. Many of these materials have been collected during excavations and ethnographic fieldwork since the 1910s. Students in our program can employ these invaluable resources for their research. They also have opportunities to join archaeological excavations and fieldwork both domestic and abroad. We place significant emphasis on fieldwork and do not limit the scope of region or time period.

Our program has a broad curriculum including introductions to archaeology, ethnology, and anthropology as well as courses where students can learn methodologies required for fieldwork. The major also offers specialized courses that address the diverse ethnology and archaeology of diverse regions such as Japan, northern Asia, Oceania, western Asia, and Europe. Students can study wide-ranging subjects such as ancient languages, architectural history, ecology, and physical anthropology in collaboration with various institutions at Keio. Students gain much through this program: a diverse knowledge from courses and experiences; an eye for observation and a knack for conversation skills through fieldwork; and the critical thinking and public speaking skills that are needed for success after graduation through numerous seminar presentations and a bachelor’s thesis.