In our present day, when globalization brings our entire world together at a breakneck pace, there exists a need for proficiency in multiple languages and a mutual understanding of the cultures, societies, and histories behind them. In order to equip our students, who are responsible for the future, with the widest range of languages and cultures possible, we have established language courses within the Faculty of Letters in addition to the 17 majors offered. Students begin their language studies at Hiyoshi Campus and gradually progress onto more advanced studies at Mita Campus.

Our faculty complement the different majors with their research expertise and further deepen students’ knowledge and understanding. Specifically, faculty include a Greek and Latin expert whose research explores Greek prose literature under the Roman Empire; a Korean expert who conducts research through fieldwork on the transformation of the family, conscription in Korea, and Koreans in Japan as well as fieldwork on Japanese fishermen; a Spanish expert who conducts research on contemporary literature in Spanish speaking world and Basque literature; a Russian expert who studies Russian literature and cultural history; and an Italian expert who pursues Italian culture, philosophy, mythology, art, and literature through the works of Dante. Our faculty also offer research seminars at Mita Campus. These seminars are faculty-wide electives that cover research areas that are not covered by any of the Faculty of Letters’ seventeen majors.