Our views of life, humanity, and ethics are constantly shaken by waves of social, economic, and cultural change. Modern society contains complex aspects that cannot be grasped by a fixed intellectual framework. Given the changes brought on by globalization, economic and information disparity, large-scale natural disasters, information technology, genetic manipulation, and more, our human sensibilities, values, and lifestyles are also undergoing drastic shifts and diversification. In view of such changes, the mission of the Department of Human Sciences is to focus on understanding and solving problems related to society, culture, and nature, to grasp the diversity of human nature, and to construct, from an interdisciplinary perspective, new intellectual frameworks that support such diversity.

In their second year, students learn the basics of human sciences, and from their third year onward, students can participate in a seminar to develop expertise in their chosen field of expertise. In their fourth year, students choose either to take the graduation exam or stay in their seminar and begin working on their thesis. Students can pursue many different paths after graduation, from employment opportunities in private industry, mass media, education, or government, to continuing their research at graduate school. We welcome students who are curious about the changing of the times and who wish to investigate the problems facing humankind.