The Department of Japanese History allows students to acquire a general understanding of Japanese history and trace a common thread of the country’s history throughout the ages. Students also learn the methodologies of historians and those of other disciplines. Moreover, we train students with a basic ability to extract information from historical resources and polish their abilities to structure and present their results logically.

Students of Japanese History are equipped with insights and perspectives that place them in a unique position to contribute to society as researchers, educators, and other social participants that have a profound understanding of the history of Japan, its people, and its social movements.

The Department of Japanese History has seven full-time faculty who conduct a variety of education and research. They specialize in topics that range from ancient history to the modern-day on a variety of subjects that include notable specialities such as the history of Christianity in Japan. It is rare for a university to have seven academic faculty all dedicated to the study of Japanese history, and this affords students with opportunities to study the full breadth of Japanese history through multi-dimensional methodologies and approaches.