As a part of the natural world, it is essential for us as humans to recognize our existence as biological and physical creatures as well as understand the global environment and universe that surrounds us. And so, it is extremely beneficial to gain a working knowledge of biology, physics, and chemistry through vital experimentation. Moreover, as learning a logical way of thinking in the natural sciences will be useful in every major in the Faculty of Letters, it is recommended that students obtain a rich liberal arts education and critical thought in courses in mathematics, astronomy, geology, anthropology, and psychology.

Students of Faculty of Letters in their first year can take experimental courses and consecutive lecture courses as required subjects in natural sciences at Hiyoshi Campus. Even after students move to Mita in their second year, they can take lecture courses in order to obtain the eight credits required in the natural sciences before graduation. Additionally, students can take a general education seminar in their first year, and subsequent natural science seminars are offered each following year to give students more specialized, practical knowledge and new experiences in the natural sciences.