The Department of Sociology lets students touch upon cultural and social diversity new and old, East and West. To practice sociology is to respond to the various issues of modern society and, in doing so, understand humankind more comprehensively, which can help us design better lives for everyone.

The Department of Sociology is the study of sociology, but it also includes the areas of social psychology and cultural anthropology. One characteristic of sociology at Keio that differentiates it from other universities is that students can learn across these three disciplines. Introductions to each are mandatory as are courses in the history of sociology and social research and survey. It is important that our students find out how to build their own research styles and directions based on this firm foundation. Our students are given a high degree of freedom, and we offer a wide range of courses to cater to student needs.

If you wish to focus your sights on our changing times and become an active, motivated learner with a trained eye for deep observation and a broad perspective for aspects of society and culture, sociology offers not only knowledge on these subjects, but also real opportunities for research in the field.