The Department of Chinese Literature focuses on attitudes toward contemporary Chinese trends while learning about traditional Chinese culture and its influence on Japan.

While focused on the three main literary themes of Chinese Language, Contemporary Literature, and Classical Literature, we also explore a range of genres that include history, ideologies, and entertainment. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of students studying contemporary society and culture, including the films and subcultures of Taiwan.

In order to carry out such research, a solid foundation in modern Chinese language is essential. We have built an efficient curriculum with courses focusing on grammar and reading comprehension in each grade as well as communication-based courses taught by native speakers.

By acquainting yourself with China, which has entirely different social norms from that of the Western world, you will be able to take on new perspectives on looking at the world and Japan's way of life. The Department of Chinese Literature is open to any student interested in any age or field related to the dynamic country of China, from classical to modern times.