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Department/Specialty/Research Interest

  • Sociology
    Sociology of Health and Illness, Sociology of Families, Qualitative Social Research

    I have been studying dementia from a social constructionist perspective for over 10 years. I am primarily interested in family caregivers. The purpose of my study is to illustrate how family members of elderly Japanese persons with dementia can participate in the caregiving process.

  • Foreign Languages
    Cultural Anthropology

    I studied Wako (Japanese pirates), Ebune (sea nomads of Japan), and the history and the culture of sea people in Japan. I have studied the transformation of the family in modern South Korea and studied education and identity of the Koreans residing in Japan. I am interested in not only the memory of the war, but also the recent food culture and food education of Asia.

  • Asian History
    Chinese Ancient History and Folklore

    Just as every age has its own milieu, so had the ancient Chinese. I am particularly interested in Chinese mythology as the embodiment of the Zeitgeist.

  • German Literature
    Goethe's Way of Science, History of Science, History of Sports, Popular Music Studies, and Monster Films

    German poet Jahann Wolfgang von Goethe was also an excellent nature seeker. His literature was invented from his view of nature, and he kept sounding the alarm to modern civilization from his point of view, into which he incorporated the natural sciences. I’m working with an interdisciplinary study group, by which Goethe's way of thinking suggests its starting point. The purpose of my study is, in cooperation with researchers in various areas, to kindle an interdisciplinary discussion for modern civilization from multiple angles, and to explore the teaching of civilization theory to better manage the future of human society.

  • KURAISHI, Ritsu
    Associate Professor

    Natural Sciences
    Developmental Biology

    The embryos and larvae of the blue bat star (patiria pectinifera) are good materials for microsurgical experiments because they are transparent and have simple structures. I use these unique characteristics to analyze the roles of larval organs in the developmental and physiological processes.

  • Library and Information Science
    Scholarly Communication, Library and Information Science

    My research subject is scholarly communication in the construction of scientific knowledge through the role of information media. I am especially interested in the transformation of scholarly communication in the digital age, open access movements of research achievement, and the placement of research platforms in the era of open science.

  • KURIMOTO, Kayoko
    Associate Professor

    Japanese Literature
    Ancient Literature

    My research deals with the courtlife, in particular the buildings of the inner palace and the system by which empresses were chosen, of Heian-period literature, mainly the Tale of the Hollow Tree and the Tale of Genji. I am interested in how narratives incorporated historical facts.

  • KOIDA, Tomoko
    Associate Professor

    Japanese Literature
    Medieval literature

    I am studying Muromachi literature and arts, focusing on stories from the Muromachi period to the first half of the Edo period, with an emphasis on correlations with narratives, performing arts, and temple materials. I am aiming not only at the analysis of text and pictures, but also at elucidating the formation and acceptance of stories.

  • German Literature
    Medieval Literature

    My main area of research is in medieval German culture and thought. I'm working on various, diverse research projects on the social, historical background of the Christian mystic Meister Eckhart. I'm also interested in European mythology and ancient literature.

  • Natural Sciences
    Physical Anthropology, Human Evolution

    I am interested in the evolutionary history of humankind and have been tackling this huge theme by investigating the morphology of dentition, especially molars, of extant humans, hominoids, and their fossil relatives. By doing this, I also have learned how to acquire and handle digital 3D data of natural objects such as bones and teeth. With this skill I am participating in various collaborative research.

  • English and American Literature
    Intercultural Communication, Acculturation Psychology

    My research interests are in intercultural communication, acculturation psychology, and intercultural education. I aim to facilitate positive intercultural contact both in Japan and abroad and to advance theoretical research by developing new ways of conceptualizing the acculturation process and its outcomes.

  • Japanese Literature
    Sinitic Literature (kanbun) in Early Modern and Modern Japan (17 – 19th Century)

    The purpose of my research is to explore dynamic movements in Sinitic literature (i.e. Classical Chinese literature), in early modern and modern Japan from various methodologies. In my monograph entitled Studies on Sinitic Prose and Poetry written by Japanese in Bakumatsu and Meiji Periods (2014), I have examined the changes in roles and representation of Sinitic literature during the course of political and cultural modernization of Japan. My most recent interest includes the formation of the canon of Sinitic poetry written by Japanese during Edo and Meiji periods and its relation with contemporary education.

  • Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Western Art History

    My research interests are modern German art, architecture, and gardens. I am seeking new cross-disciplinary ways to investigate multi-layered relationship between gardens, architecture, and art in the modernist movement. Art history, theory of art, and plant ecology are regarded as important disciplines for my research methodology, so-called "Gartenkunstwissenschaft."

  • German Literature
    German Literature of the Enlightenment

    German literature of the 18th century with a focus on the literature of enlightenment. Special interest in literary anthropology and secret societies (Freemasonry, Illuminati, etc.)

  • SAITO, Yoshimichi

    Phenomenology, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy of Europe

    ・Reinterpretation of the Relationship between Phenomenon and Being ・Problem of 'Unscheinbares'

  • SAKATA, Sachiko

    Foreign Languages
    Spanish Language and Literature

    My primary research area is 20th-century Spanish literature, in particular the avant-garde movement called "Ultraísmo". I am specifically interested in its socio-cultural aspects and its relationship to other arts.

  • English and American Literature
    Modern and Contemporary English Literature

    My current research interests focus primarily on the Gothic fiction from the 18th to the early 20th century.

  • Human Sciences
    Anthropology, African Area Studies

    I have conducted anthropological research on conflict and peace issues. My main research questions are: Why do people take part in the war, what type of experiences do people have in the battlefield, and how do people build and maintain peace in conflict-ridden areas? Currently, I am also researching how large-scale development projects have influenced the livelihood of local people in Africa.

  • Archaeology and Ethnology
    Zooarchaeology, Ethnoarchaeology

    In order to decipher the history of the relationship between humans and nature, I have conducted extensive research on and analyzed animal remains unearthed from archaeological sites. I have focused my research on a comprehensive view of culture and nature and surveyed the history of the Quaternary Period, and I have considerable field-work experience at sites in Hokkaido, northern Honshu and Siberia.

  • German Literature
    German Romanticism, History of the German Science Fiction

    My research focuses on German romanticism, especially E. T. A. Hoffmann, who was known for his unusual ideas, which lead to modern fantasy and horror stories. For a long time I have been involved with the scientific and technical fantasies of literary text from the 19th and 20th centuries. Recently I have been interested in the literature of the German-national poets, which German philology cannot endure. How do young nationalists from poor families develop dreams of being "German" and building up a united Germany? This question, of which the Germans are still afraid, remains for us foreign Germanists to discuss.

  • Western History
    Modern German History and History of Yugoslavia

    My main research interest is the contemporary history of Germany and its relation to Southeast Europe (Serbia and Croatia) in the twentieth century. My particular focus is on racism and nationalism as well as ethnic formation and conflicts in the interwar period during the Second World War and the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. My book (in German) German Occupation of the Serbian Banat during 1941-1944 explored in the context of National Socialism the formative process which lead to the development of the ethnic groups. Further, I am interested in the treatment of these processes in the media and historiography.

  • SHIMODA, Kentaro
    Assistant Professor (Non-tenured)

    Archaeology and Ethnology
    Cultural Anthropology, Historical Anthropology, Material Culture Studies, Disaster Studies

    With the city of Minamata and Ishigaki Island as my research sites, I have been concerned with how the people embroiled in environmental issues, technological disasters, and violations of human life recall their experiences, cope with their situations, and recount their memories. I have especially focused in particular on the dynamic interactions between material things and narratives. In recent years, I have also examined the topic of how such people's experiences and memories can contribute to creating a new social order.

  • SUGA, Sayaka
    Assistant Professor

    Human Sciences
    Social Psychology

    I have been conducting experiments which demonstrate the relation between social cognitive processes and linguistic communication.

  • SUGAHARA, Akie
    Assistant Professor (Non-tenured)

    Foreign Languages
    Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language

    My main research field is the Spanish language teaching methodologies. Currently, I am also doing research on English textbooks for Japanese students.

  • Sociology
    Social Psychology

    I am doing research in social psychology, on the topic of persuasive communication and consensus building. My main research theme is environmental issues. In many cases, some aspects of actions that deal with environmental risks entail conflict between benefits for individuals and benefits for society as a whole. To solve this problem, I’ve developed educational games called “Persuasion Game” and “Stakeholders” to simulate real society as tools for risk communication.