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Department/Specialty/Research Interest

  • English and American Literature
    Medieval English Literature

    English and related literature from the 12th to early 16th century with a special emphasis on visual representation, history of the book and popular Christianity.

  • MATSUMOTO, Naoki
    Associate Professor

    Library and Information Science
    Library and Information Science

    In Japan, there are nearly 3,300 public libraries, established and managed by local governments. Although laws regulate the basic functions of public libraries, the quality and quantity of services depends substantially on the commitment of local governments and residents. I therefore studied the administration and management of these public libraries. In particular, I adopted an interdisciplinary approach to examine the interaction between the external environment and the public libraries. I aim to explore the possibility of public libraries existing as centers for community knowledge.

  • Sociology
    Cultural Anthropology, East Asian Studies

    Anthropological studies on folk belief and cosmology. Studies on historical recognition and social construction by the people who were colonized by the Japanese Empire. Studies on migration and globalization.
    Main fields: Taiwan, Mainland China, Palau, Korea, Ryukyu and Amami islands, and Chinese immigrant societies in Southeast Asia, in particular Vietnam.

  • Psychology
    Psycholinguistics, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience

    The main focus of my research is language acquisition, the development of social cognition, and their neuronal correlates from the neonatal period to adolescence. Currently, we are also performing a longitudinal study of infants to find an early predictor of developmental disabilities by measuring brain responses and various behavioral markers such as eye and body movement.

  • Philosophy
    Philosophy of Language, Logic, Semantics and Pragmatics

    My main research areas are in the philosophy of language, logic, semantics and pragmatics. Specifically, I am interested in building formal and computational models of how natural language understanding works using theoretical tools developed in linguistics, logic, computer science and cognitive science.

  • French Literature
    Modern and Contemporary French Literature (Jean Genet)

    Researching the influence of the unique forms of punishment that emerged in 19th century France, including isolation cells and penal colonies, on modern authors, especially Jean Genet. Other themes include “faits divers”, return, confession, and description.

  • MIYATA, Yosuke
    Assistant Professor

    Library and Information Science
    Library and information science

    Recently my research interests are in exploring the formalization process of academic disciplines both quantitatively and qualitatively using library and information science as an example. I am also engaged in collaborative research about media usage and web dynamics.

  • French Literature
    Modern French Literature

    19th Century French Poetry. French-language Literature of Belgium.

  • Ethics
    Contemporary French Thought, Religious Thought

    I am interpreting Emmanuel Levinas's thought by highlighting several issues surrounding Humanism and the notions originated in monotheistic religious traditions. I am also interested in what it means to be human.

  • Aesthetics and Science of Arts
    Western Art History, Art Theory

    The focus of my research is twofold: (1) to analyze early modern art and art theory in France concerning the art of Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665) in particular, and (2) to analyze the establishment and transformation of artistic theory at the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture in the latter half of the 17th century, a theory which commended the works of Poussin as a canon. My study considers the relationship between factors related to Poussin such as his theory of production, his works and their acceptance, discourses on works and painters, social contexts, and art collections.

  • Sociology
    Sociological Theory, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Knowledge, and World Society Studies

    My research interests have recently grown toward the following topics: 1) The emergence (and differentiation) of sociology from political economy in German speaking countries in the fin de siècle between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: I approach this subject through analysis of writings by Friedrich Gottl, Max Weber, and Alfred Schutz, especially their concepts of "daily life," "action," and "meanings" with theories and methods of the sociology of knowledge. In this historical context, I pay an attention to the phenomenological movement at that time; 2) Studies on a post-poietic paradigm: Since Plato and Aristotle, three tenets of western philosophy have been the understanding of human action as production (poiesis), of beings as products, and of time (past, present, future) as a continuum without a qualitative break. Sociological thinking is not free of this epistemological tradition, and almost all sociological theories of action regard the meaning of human action as being parallel to the meaning of products. The post-poietic paradigm attempts to relativize this epistemological tradition and open a new horizon of sociological thinking; 3) Sociology of forgiveness and reconciliation.

  • Japanese Literature
    Japanese Linguistics

    Studies in morphophonological phenomena of Japanese. Studies in writing systems of Japanese.

  • Ethics
    History of Medieval and Modern Thought, Ethics and Metaphysics

    My research is interdisciplinary, bringing together the histories of medieval ethics, metaphysics, science, and religious thought, with special emphasis on the historical development of the theory of emotions. These aspects have much to do with the various contemporary problems of highly information-oriented societies. My teaching is designed to help students understand the ethical frameworks of values, the theories of virtue-ethics, and other various problems.

  • Archaeology and Ethnology
    Geoarchaeology, Historical and Museum Anthropology in Oceania

    I have been concerned with geoarchaeological studies of Oceania and the Yaeyama Islands, Japan, to disentangle dynamic interactions between two agencies, natural and human, in the island landscape. My research project of Pukapuka Atoll, Nothern Cooks, is now in progress. I'm also interested in historical and museum anthropology of the Oceanic arts collected in the colonial period from the mid-18th century to the early 20th century.

  • Education Studies
    History of Japanese Education, History of Adult Education

    My research interest is the history of modern Japanese education, focusing on the relationship between education and reading activities. I am also interested in the historical transition of cooperation between school, home, and local communities.

  • Western History
    Modern Spanish (Catalan) History

    My current research theme covers the silk industry of Barcelona from the second half of the 18th century to the first half of the 19th century, in particular, the silk-stocking trade of that period. Through the systematic studies of historical documents such as testaments, inventories post-mortem and marriage settlements of such craftsmen and of their wives and widows, I seek to shed light on the changes to their lives and labor on the eve of the industrialization: how their working styles and family structures changed, how their lifestyle culture and mentality changed, and how they tried to survive that period of transformation.

  • Psychology
    Developmental Psychology, Clinical Developmental Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis

    My major is clinical developmental psychology and applied behavior analysis. My main research interest is scientific studies of early intervention for children with developmental disabilities. As a certified clinical psychologist and a clinical developmental psychologist, I am working directly with children with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, learning disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. My research includes (1) development of a comprehensive intervention program, (2) empirical evaluation of the effect of developed program, (3) analysis of teacher and therapist expertise, (4) promotion of parent health, and (5) dissemination of developed program to various communities. My research is now expanding to include collaboration with artificial intelligence, rehabilitation, pediatrics, and human service agencies.

  • Education Studies
    Japanese History of Education, History of Japanese Educational Thoughts, Confucianism in Tokugawa Japan

    My research examines the structure and characteristics of Japanese educational thought in pre-modern times through the analysis of the Tokugawa Confucianism, and from the viewpoint of pre-modern thought investigates the issues of modern education systems that have been formulated on the basis of modern educational studies.

  • Western History
    European Medieval History (English Medieval History)

    I have been working on the English government and politics in the twelfth century. Although my main concern is royal government, I am also interested in the relationship between the kingship and the ecclesiastical authority that gave legitimacy to the royal rule.

  • YOSHINAGA, Sosuke
    Associate Professor

    Chinese Literature
    Chinese Classic Literature

    My main areas of research are Chinese classical literature. I study the reception of media mixing in the classical literary arts. I particularly aim to clarify the process of how the history of Sanguozhi, commonly known in English as the Three Kingdoms, was novelized from many folk stories (including stories from modern Japanese subculture).

  • German Literature
    Modern German Literature and Culture Studies

    Literature and culture research develop in tandem with one another. I take this position and apply the social theories of cultural studies and Bourdieu to observe modern and contemporary German literature, with a focus on the relationships between culture, society, and media. I have a particular interest in the pivotal years of 1945 and 1989.

  • Archaeology and Ethnology
    Palaeolithic Archeology, Ancient Japanese History, Public Administration and Protection of Cultural Properties

    The main theme of my research is to clarify the relation with past people and neighboring natural environments through the investigation of the cave and quarry sites. Apart from this, I am interested in Japanese ancient history and public administration and protection of cultural properties.

  • WATANABE, Fukutaro
    Assistant Professor

    Education Studies
    Philosophy of Education, Educational Thought

    My primary interests are in the philosophy of education and the philosophy of language, especially that of Wittgenstein. My current research focuses mainly on the classic and fundamental problem of education concerning the autonomy-heteronomy opposition. I am working on this problem through the consideration of the normative and creative aspects of language use, the linguistic characteristics of educational communication, and the authority and the ethics of the teacher.